About NuGen LED Solutions

Jeremy Lucas (Founder, NuGen LED Solutions - NuGen Outdoor Enterprises)

I started NuGen LED Solutions in January of 2017, after serving the Outdoor Advertising Industry, since 2005, in Construction, Safety and Operations Management for a multi-state plant dealing hands-on with HID & LED Lighting, Digital LED Signs, Structure Erection and Billboard Maintenance. 

We've since partnered with Energy Star, AEP (American Electric Power in (OH, WV), Mon-Power, Ohio Edison, Potomac Power, Efficiency Smart, Duke Energy, DP&L (Dayton Power and Light) as well as several Electric Cooperatives. We are a leading TCP & ASD Lighting Distributor as well as a USA cooperative for other global LED manufacturers. Our Headquarters and Showroom are in Bellville, OH and our Warehouse in located in Mansfield, OH.

Our products are used nationally by professional sports leagues, auto racing facilities and in signs, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, athletic fields, turnpikes, fire stations, police stations, warehouses, factories, state parks, gas stations and more. 

This market can be vastly confusing so our goal is to gain your trust through transparency, honesty, quality, customer service and by offering the correct products for the best price possible.

NuGen LED Solutions will often refer you to the same electrical contractors that we use on our projects. You can depend on their professionalism and familiarity with the LED products we offer. Our network of licensed electricians is constantly growing. 

Combined, we have helped our customers collect and save millions of dollars through energy reductions and incentive dollars through rebate programs. Our customers range from those with a pole barn to the largest Hotel, Billboard, Retail and Restaurant Chains in America. We hope you will share our passion to rid the nation of low efficiency lighting in order to conserve energy for generations to come.

We're a member of the Louis Bromfield Society on behalf of The Malabar Farm Foundation in Lucas, OH. In 2018, NuGen LED Solutions donated all of the LED lighting for the late Bromfield's home, which includes paintings by the late folk artist, Grandma Moses, Bromfield's Pulitzer Prize and the location of the Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall wedding. Also upgraded on the same state park property was the famous Pugh Cabin (site of the opening scenes of The Shawshank Redemption - nominated for 7 Academy Awards). Bromfield was a conservationist, farmer, best selling author and it is an honor to have a NuGen LED Solutions badge on the commemorative wall in the welcome center at Malabar Farm.

"Conservation is the Key to Preservation"... The title of a painting I created while in FFA Class. In 1993, with the paint barely dry, the artwork was requested to be shipped to Columbus, OH for a display and hasn't been seen since. Years later, this motto is still the foundation behind my efforts... and I sure wish I could locate the painting!"  --Jeremy Lucas