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Commercial Rebate Assistance

The FAST LANE to your ROI...

We have teamed up with major participating utility companies to help you collect available incentives.

100% of the Rebate is yours to keep.

  • If you have a Commercial Place of Business (or qualified non-profit), let us know who your Utility Company is and we will help you collect a REBATE for upgrading to LED Lighting. New Construction Rebates Available too!
  • This doesn't come as a statement credit, it comes to you as a CHECK IN THE MAIL!
  • Let us know who you have and we will see if they're part of this exciting, national campaign. We have helped our customers crank out six figures and counting.
  • Rebate amounts vary by situation and Utility Company, however, it's not uncommon for our customers to receive half of their investment back!
WIN with affordable products, WIN with a rebate, WIN with energy savings, WIN with reduced maintenance. 
The light is GREEN, GO!