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AEP-Ohio's INCENTIVE NOW Program for Commercial and Non-Profit Accounts!

Receive an INSTANT CREDIT on your purchase!

If you are a commercial place of business or a qualified Non-Profit with an AEP-Ohio Account, don't order from our website! Call or Email us directly to request a quote whether you're upgrading lights in one room or your entire facility! Our DLC and Energy Star Products, in the categories below, Qualify for this Partnership! We have a network of contractors to tackle your upgrade if needed.

Upgrade to LED with NuGen LED Solutions and qualify for an Instant Credit that will appear right on your invoice from us! No paperwork, no application... Save now, we'll collect our cut from AEP-Ohio!

Regular Screw-In LED Bulbs replacing CFL or Incandescent = $2 OFF
Directional Floods, Pin Base, Pars and BR Bulbs = $4 OFF
Tubes, 2FT, 4FT, 8FT - T8's and T5's = $3.50 OFF
Screw In Bulbs (like corn bulbs) replacing HID below 80w = $20 OFF
Corn Bulbs & Retrofit Kits replacing HID above 80w to 200w = $30 OFF
Downlights, Round Panels and Recessed Trim Kits = $8 OFF
LED Flat Panels 1X4, 2X2 and 2X4 = $10 OFF
LED Wall Packs equal to or less than 60w HID = $10 OFF
LED Wall Packs greater than 60w HID = $20 OFF
LED Exit Signs = $10 OFF


    Our 12w LED tubes are $8.50 each - You'll only be invoiced at $5 each! 

    Upgrade a 400w Metal Halide High Bay to our 120w NGRHB, not for $95... they're just $65 each!

    Upgrade your old 250w High Pressure Sodium Wall Pack to our 80w LED Wall Pack for $60 instead of $90 each! 

    Yes, it's that easy, thanks to NuGen LED Solutions and AEP-Ohio!

    Call: (419) 688-0568 MON-FRI 8AM - 4PM EST